Main SylvaMED Publications

«Water for Forests and People in the Mediterranean Region: A Challenging Balance». EFI, 2011.

«L’Eau pour les Forêts et les Hommes en Région Méditerranéenne, un equilibre à trouver». EFI, 2011.

«Agua para los Bosques y la Sociedad en el Mediterráneo: Un difícil equilibrio». EFI, 2011.

«Payments for Environmental Services: A Way Forward for Mediterranean Forests?». EFI Policy Brief 7, 2012.

«Les paiements pour services environnementaux: Une opportunité pour les forêts méditerranéennes?». EFI Policy Brief 7. 2012.

Greek version

«Pagamenti  per Servizi Ambientali: una nuova strategia per la Foreste del Mediterraneo?»

“Pagos por Servicios Ambientales: ¿Una oportunidad para los bosques Mediterráneos?” EFI Policy Brief 7, 2012

“Working report on ecosystem services that Mediterranean forests provide in the Water issue”. Author: CRPF PACA
“Working report on Non-Wood Forest Products produced by the Mediterranean forests”. Author: SFS
“Working report on Social Uses and collective benefits on the Mediterranean forests”. Author: MAICh
“Legal frameworks on Payment for Environmental Services on the Mediterranean forests”. Author: CPF
SylvaMED Project: Catallogue on Best Practices. August 2013
Abstract in Grecian,
Abstract in Slovenian,
Abstract in Catalan,
Abstract in Italian,
Abstract in French,
Abstract in Spanish
– Green Book on payments for environmental services from Mediterranean forests
– Livre vert sur les paiements des services environnementaux des forets mediterraneennes
– Libro Verde sobre Pagos por Servicios Ambientales en Bosques Mediterráneos
– Zelena knjiga o plačevanju ekosistemskih storitev iz sredozemskih gozdov
– Libro Verde sui pagamenti per i servizi ambientali dalle foreste del Mediterraneo
– Llibre verd sobre pagaments per serveis ambientals als boscos mediterranis
– Green Book on payments for environmental services from Mediterranean Forests (Greek)
-Joint Political Declaration for PES in the Mediterranean forests
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