General objectives of the project

1. Engage regional administrations into improving environmental sustainability through better forest management: private-public round-tables, regional field benchmarking, economic and legal frameworks. Result: policy tools for public administrations.

2. Propose and impulse more structured public initiatives for the payment of forests environmental services through PES and MBI mechanisms: pilot experiments as regional showcases (watershed protection and quality improvement, regulation of public access to vulnerable forested areas, marketing of non-valorized non-timber products), policy harmonization and improvement at all administrative levels. Result: field implementation.

3. Address and fill the communication gap towards policy makers and the general public on the collective benefits of non-marketed forests functions: horizontal and vertical dissemination, sensibilization campaigns. Result: results dissemination and awareness raising on the environmental services provided by forests and their importance in the mediterranean.

Expected impact are: higher willingness to pay (WTP) from society for ecosystems services and higher political conscience and will to implement adapted mixes of PES and MBIs in our forested areas.

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