Ape Brigade Launches Innovative DeFi Meme Coin as Coinbase Cries Foul

• Coinbase is facing backlash from the PepeCoin community after sending an email to customers describing the meme as a „hate symbol“.
• Gemini CEO Cameron Winkelvoss listened to the call and listed the meme coin for trading on May 9.
• Ape Brigade (APES) is set to enter the market with a range of innovative offerings, including an incentivized staking system and an NFT Space.

Coinbase Criticized by PepeCoin Community

Coinbase, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges, has come under fire from the PepeCoin meme coin community after an email to its customers described the popular meme as a „hate symbol“ associated with alt-right groups. This has led to outrage and calls for an apology, as well as users deleting their Coinbase accounts and switching to other exchanges.

Gemini Listing PEPE

Meanwhile, Gemini CEO Cameron Winkelvoss listened to the call, and the Winklevoss-owned crypto exchange listed the meme coin for trading on May 9 with a more open-ended description of the token. PEPE’s price fell 2.6% in the hours following news of Coinbase’s description, and it is currently trading for $0.00000184, down 10.4% in the last 24 hours. Since Binance listed the token for trading on May 5, Pepe-holding members of Crypto Twitter have been asking leaders from various cryptocurrency exchanges to list their token.

Ape Brigade All Set To Launch

Ape Brigade (APES), a new DeFi meme coin, is poised to enter the market with a range of innovative offerings. Despite being a new player, APES has already announced several unique features that make it stand out from competition such as locking 20% of its supply in liquidity pool and being technologically advanced ERC-20 token with NFT Space in development along with an incentivized staking system which rewards APES stakers based on amount & duration of their stake when they patiently stake many APESs they could win rewards! The most exciting feature however is Ape Brigade’s initiative to support & raise awareness about rescue efforts for wild animals particularly apes!

Hashtag #DeleteCoinbase Trending On Twitter

The hashtag #deletecoinbase has been trending on Twitter with more than 14,000 tweets in last two hours due to backlash against Coinbase where no indication was given regarding whether it intends to list PEPE token or not despite anger & frustration among fans & holders calling them out for apology & even deleting their Coinbase accounts!


In conclusion while Coinbase might face some negative repercussions due upcoming launch of Ape Brigade’s DeFi Meme Coin which boasts many innovative features such as incentivized staking system & NFT Space along with initiative supporting wild animal rescue efforts particularly apes we can only speculate how this will affect crypto space!