: Cryptocurrency Security Upgraded: QRC and RedSense Join Forces to Protect Coins from Quantum Attacks

• Quantum Resistance Corporation (QRC) has partnered with RedSense to provide security for cryptocurrencies and developers utilizing the Quantum Resistant Ledger (QRL).
• The web3 space is often not secure, so QRC and RedSense are building a program to help secure digital currency projects and reduce attacks.
• In 2022, more than $3.8 billion worth of digital coins were stolen from digital asset holders, according to Chainalysis.

The Growing Security Threat of Quantum Computing

Quantum computing advancements pose an imminent threat to the security of cryptocurrencies, as existing technology is unable to protect against the advanced hacking techniques that quantum computing will enable. To mitigate this risk, the Quantum Resistance Corporation (QRC), post-quantum security experts, have partnered with RedSense, a leading threat intelligence and cybersecurity firm, to provide network security and management services for the QRC in order to protect cryptocurrencies as well as developers utilizing the Quantum Resistant Ledger (QRL).

The QRC & Redsense Program

The partnership between QRC and RedSense has resulted in a unique security program market offering that leverages their combined expertise in order to respond quickly against the rapidly advancing threat of quantum computing. This program will be offered on the market in order to help secure all digital currency projects and reduce attacks.

Cryptocurrency Thefts on The Rise

Unfortunately cryptocurrency thefts are becoming increasingly common -Chainalysis reports that over $3.8 billion worth of digital coins were stolen from digital asset holders in 2022 alone – highlighting just how vulnerable traditional blockchain technology is when it comes to decentralized finance protocols.

Impact on Mainstream Perception

Due largely in part to these repeated incidents of theft and hacking targeting popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Solana, mainstream perception towards cryptocurrency has been severely damaged. It is essential therefore that users have access to robust security measures which can protect their assets from this kind of malicious activity.


The strategic alliance between QRC and RedSense provides an effective solution for protecting users’ assets from potential quantum computer attack scenarios while also helping restore trust in cryptocurrency amongst wider audiences.