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• The article talks about the likelihood of a second wave of coronavirus infections in the United States.
• It discusses the various factors that may contribute to a second wave, such as decreasing social distancing and rising temperatures.
• It also looks at how states are preparing for a potential second wave, including contact tracing and testing.

Likelihood Of A Second Wave

As the novel coronavirus continues to spread across the United States, many experts are warning of a possible second wave of infections later in 2020. While it is difficult to predict when this might happen or how severe it could be, there are several factors that could contribute to an increase in cases.

Potential Contributing Factors

Experts have pointed out that as states begin to relax social distancing restrictions, people will start gathering in larger groups once again, which could lead to more infections. Additionally, as temperatures rise during summer months, more people will venture outdoors and potentially put themselves at risk of contracting the virus from others who may be infected but not yet showing symptoms.

State Preparations

Many states are attempting to prepare for any potential resurgence by expanding their contact tracing capabilities and increasing access to testing kits for residents. Contact tracing involves working with individuals who have tested positive for COVID-19 in order to identify anyone else they may have come into contact with so that those people can be tested and isolated if necessary. Having enough tests available is critical because it allows health officials to monitor any changes in case numbers and respond quickly if needed.

Impact On Economy

A second wave would likely cause further economic disruption due to closures of businesses and other restrictions on movement in order to contain the spread of infection. This could significantly impact individuals’ livelihoods as well as state and local economies that have already been struggling due to job losses caused by earlier shutdowns.


It is impossible to know whether or not a second wave will occur this year but it is important for governments and citizens alike to remain vigilant if we want minimize its effects on our lives and communities.