FTC Integrates RBX Network to Tokenize Documents On-Chain

• ChainwireFTC (FTCNY.com) has announced the use of the ReserveBlock RBX Network (reserveblock.io) to tokenize paperwork, lab tests and files on-chain for authenticity for their clients and respective building departments.
• Clients and construction departments will now be able to obtain relevant files directly from FTC rather than a third party, all done through the RBX chain.
• FTC will additionally host its own Beacon on the RBX network to keep data solely for its intended receivers and make it possible for their clients to confirm documents, test results, and inspection findings through its current client portal.

ChainwireFTC Integrates ReserveBlock RBX Network

Los Angeles-based ChainwireFTC (FTCNY.com), an Inspection and Engineering business with nearly 30 years of experience, has announced that they are integrating the ReserveBlock RBX Network (reserveblock.io) protocol in order to tokenize their paperwork, lab tests, and files on-chain to assure authenticity for their clients‘ building departments.

Benefits of Using the RBX Network

Using this new technology will allow FTC’s clients direct access to relevant files without using a third party mediator as well as giving them access to transparently check all work products and filings made by FTC directly on the RBX chain. Additionally, FTC is hosting its own Beacon on the RBX network which will keep data only accessible by its intended receivers.

Enhanced Client Portal Experience

With this integration comes enhanced features such as making it possible for FTC’s clients to confirm documents, test results, and inspection findings through its current client portal with an authentic signature eliminating any uncertainty regarding authorship.

No Need For In-House Blockchain Engineers

According to Vice President Michael Marchese of ChainwireFTC: „We have enjoyed working with the network naturally so far, and we believe that using the RBX on-chain tools will enable us to advance our company without having to bring in-house blockchain engineers.“ As this technology develops further they also want include more features that can aid in developing solutions for their clients as well.

About ChainwireFTC

ChainwireFTC (FTCNY.com) is owned by professional engineers with over 50 years of experience and expertise with a fully accredited technical team of professional engineers, field engineers, certified technicians, and project managers; delivering wide range engineering services adhering local & national code standards while being a licensed accredited laboratory performing in-house testing of construction materials